The Changing Role of Women In Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

"Women who remain in lay life should realize and never entertain the slightest doubt that those who, without any calculation, deeply rely on Amida Buddha single-mindedly and unwaveringly, entrusting themselves to the Buddha for their emancipation in the after life, will all be saved." -Letters of Rennyo, 5-3

Rennyo Shonin wrote this letter after the death of both wife, Eshinni (above) and daughter, Kakushinni.

Invitation to a Public Lecture 

The Changing Role of Women In Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
by Rev. Patricia Kanaya Usuki
Author "Currents of Change:  American Buddhist Women Speak Out on Jodo Shinshu" and of the San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

Panel Discussion
Rev. Patti Nakai, Buddhist Temple of Chicago & Buddhist  Educational Centre  
Prof. Jeff Wilson, East Asian Studies, University of Waterloo, Author: "Buddhist Guide to New York"

Saturday October 18, 1:00pm  

Toronto Buddhist Church
1011 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, ON
         (one block East of Downsview Subway  Station) 

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